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Borland is a software company (NASDAQ NM: BORL), located in Scotts Valley, California, Best known for its Turbo Pascal programming tool that has evolved into today's Delphi programming language.

Borland was founded in 1983 by French math teacher Philippe Kahn, who led the company as it developed a series of well-regarded software development tools. During the mid-1990s Borland's implementation of C++ was considered superior to then-market-trailing Microsoft. Also, its development of Paradox[?], with its ObjectPAL programming language, pitted it against software by Microsoft, in particular Microsoft Access.

By the mid-1990s, Borland fell from dominance in the software tools market. Some people thought that competition from Microsoft was to blame. Others felt that Phillipe Kahn spread his company's resources too thinly over too many projects, in an attempt to battle Microsoft on many fronts. By 1998, Borland went through a name change to Inprise[?] Corporation (The name comes from the slogan Integrate the Enterprise), and refocused its efforts on targeting enterprise applications development with Delphi and on creating tools for java development, like JBuilder.

For a number of years (both before and during the Inprise name) Borland suffered from serious financial losses and very poor public image. In fact when the name was changed to Inprise many thought Borland went out of business.

Today, back under the venerable Borland name and a new management team headed by President and CEO Dale L. Fuller[?], a now-smaller and profitable Borland continues work on Delphi, and created a version of Delphi and C++ Builder for Linux, both under the name Kylix. This brought Borland's expertise in Integrated Development Environments to the Linux platform for the first time.

Recently Borland made a commitment to the new technology of web services releasing Delphi 6 as the first Integrated Development Environment to support web services. Now all of their current development platforms support web services. Delphi 7, the most recent version, also compiles to Microsoft's .NET. Supporting Web Services and now .NET is doing a lot to bolster Borland's image in the industry.

Borland's current product line includes:

Old Software

Turbo Pascal, Turbo C, TASM[?], Turbo Prolog, SideKick[?], Reflex[?], Quattro Pro DBase[?]

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