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BikeTrial is a sport derived from Motorbike Trials[?] (or see Trials). It originated in Spain and is said to have been invented by Ot Pi[?] who wanted to practice Motorbike Trials[?] on an ordinary push bike. Ot Pi[?] is now the owner of Monty Bicycles[?], creators of the most popular BikeTrial bikes.

At the most basic level, Trials Riding can be summed up as bicycle handling skills. It evolved from Motorbike Trials Riding (riding up, over stunts, man-made or natural) into a off-season bicycle past time. It now has a strong, though small following and can be seen world wide. Skills taken from Trials riding can be used practically on any bicycle for balance, standing still while still on the pedals, braking, and many other uses. Trials-specific bicycles are usually modified mountain bikes (good brakes, light with little extra baggage) or modified BMX bikes.

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The general principle in a BikeTrial competition is to ride a number of pre-marked sections (usually 2 laps of 10 sections), the winner being the rider with the least points at the end of the competition.

The maximum number of points that can be obtained in each section is 5, the lowest (and best) score is 0 points. The most common way to gain a point is by putting your foot down within a section, for this reason points are sometimes known as "dabs". Certain rules enforce the number of points gained within a section, for example, putting both feet down will result in 5 points.

At current there are two types of competition ruling, enforced by the UCI[?] and BIU[?].


Within UCI ruling, if any part of the bike except the tires rest on an object in the course, a point will be given. The UCI rulings are currently popular in Northern Europe, countries such as France, Chezch Republic, Germany.


Within BIU ruling there is more leway on points, unlike UCI ruling, parts of the bike can rest on a section object without resulting in a point.


A popular place to ride BikeTrial is on ordinary walls and objects commonly found in towns[?] and cities.

Much of the style described as "Street" is derived from BMX riding.


BikeTrial bikes are no longer standard mountain bikes, but over the years have become very specialist.

The bikes can be put into two classes, classified by the wheel sizes of 20" and 26".

The 20" variety bicycles (known as "Mod" bikes) are more specifically designed for BikeTrial, consisting of only 1 gear, a bashplate[?] for resting on and a large rear tire similar to a Motorbike Trials[?] bike rear tire. Mod comes from the fact that the frames are modified BMX frames, now used for Trials. Monty makes some of the best examples.

The 26" variety bicycles (known as "Stock" bikes) were originally derived from a normal Mountain Bike[?], they have more resemblance to a normal mountain bike. These bikes consist of a minimum of 6 gears and have a low gear ratio.

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