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Battle of Myriokephalon

The Battle of Myriokephalon, also known as Myriocephalum, was a battle between the Byzantine Empire and the Seljuk Turks in 1176.

Manuel I Comnenus had been at peace with Kilij Arslan[?] until 1175, when Kilij Arslan refused to return territory he had conquered from their common enemy the Danishmends[?]. Manuel marched his army towards the Seljuk capital at Iconium[?], but was amubushed at the pass of Myriokephalon in the Meander valley. Both sides suffered heavy casualties, but the Byzantines had the inferior force and were allowed to escape only when Manuel promised to remove his forts and armies on the frontier.

Myriokephalon was more of a psychological defeat, as it proved the Empire still could not defeat the Seljuks despite the advances made during Manuel's reign. The army, on the other hand, was quickly restocked with mercenaries, and continued to meet the Seljuks in smaller battles throughout Manuel's reign.

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