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B cells (abbreviated "B" for the bursa of Fabricius[?], an organ uniqe to birds where B cells mature; the "B" does not stand for bone marrow, where they are created in all other vertebrates) are lymphocytes[?] that play a large role in the primary immune response[?].

There are two types of B cells:

  • Plasma B cells secrete antibodies which effect the destruction of antigens by binding to them and making them easier targets for phagocytes[?].
  • Memory B cells are formed specific to the antigen(s) encountered during the primary immune response; able to live for a long time, these cells can respond quickly upon second exposure to the antigen for which they are specific.

Humoral immunity[?] (the creation of antibodies that circulate in blood plasma and lymph[?]) involves B cell activation[?].

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