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Autechre are a Sheffield, England based electronica/IDM group. Formed in 1991 by two friends, Rob Brown and Sean Booth.

Although their music maintains a strong rhythmic element, the complexity of the beats and the digital textures makes the music more suited towards home listening than dance techno. Later work has been explicitly experimental and abstract.

Notable releases include, Incunabula (1993), Tri Repetae (1995) and Confield (2001), all on the Warp Records label.

Booth and Brown have explained that the name Autechre can be pronounced in any way anyone sees fit. They themselves, pronounce it "Awe-tek-er."

Autechre's music, thick and dense in its abstraction, can take several listens, and sometimes months to sink in to a listener's psyche, but as it does, it evokes a number of suspicions in the listener:

  • that the music is a representation of some kind of mathematically perfect, artificially created system, model or formula.
  • that after listening to enough autechre, the mind can generate more similar music on its own.
  • that the composers, instead of writing music, have instead written computer programs to write music for them, and simply provided those programs with input parameters

In response to inevitable comments about their unique sound, Autechre themselves argue that given the incredible range of tools available to modern composers, especially in the electronic field, it is incomprehensible that any band should "sound like" any other band. Although this may seem like a ridiculous statement to make as well as an unrealistic expectation, Autechre have themselves proven that it's entirely possible to forge a completely unique sound that at the same time can bring forth incredible meaning and spirit rather than only being experimental.



  • Incunabula (1993)
  • Amber (1994)
  • Tri Repetae (1995)
  • Chiastic Slide (1997)
  • LP5 (1998)
  • Confield (2001)
  • Draft 7:30 (2003)


  • Basscadet (1993)
  • Anti- (1994)
  • Garbage (1995)
  • Anvil Vapre (1995)
  • Cichli suite (1997)
  • Envane (1997)
  • Peel Sessions (1998; recordings originally made for John Peel's radio programme)
  • EP7 (1999; Autechre called this an EP, although it acually lasts an hour)
  • Gantz Graf (2002; also released as a DVD)

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