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Jellynose fish

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Jellynose fishes
Scientific classification
Ateleopus indicus
Ateleopus japonicus
Ateleopus natalensis
Ateleopus purpureus
Ateleopus tanabensis
Guentherus altivelis
Ijimaia antillarum
Ijimaia dofleini
Ijimaia loppei
Ijimaia plicatellus
Parateleopus microstomus

The jellynose fishes are a small order (Ateleopodiformes) of ray-finned fish, consisting of a single family (Ateleopodidae) with about a dozen species in four genera.

Jellynoses are deep-water marine fish. Their skeletons are largely cartilage (thus the name), although they are true teleosts[?], and not at all related to Chondrichthyes. Heads are large, with a bulbous nose, and the (usually) elongated body tapers towards the tail. Their caudal fins[?] are very small, and merged with long anal fins[?], and the pelvic fins[?] are single rays, except for Guentherus. Dorsal fins[?] tend to be prominent and placed just behind the head. The species have a range of sizes, the longest reaching 2 meters.

They are found in the Caribbean Sea, eastern Atlantic Ocean, and the Indo-Pacific[?] area. Most of the species are poorly-known, but the highfin tadpole fish Guentherus altivelis is of potential interest for commercial fishing.

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