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Arthedain is a fictional country in J. R. R. Tolkien's universe of Middle-earth.

Arthedain was a Dúnedain kingdom founded by Amlaith, eldest son of Eärendur[?] of Arnor in 861 T.A. Its capital was Fornost[?]. Other chief cities were Annúminas and Bree.

During the reign of Eärendur his sons were in open discourse, causing a civil war after Eärendur's death. Amlaith, the true heir to the throne of Arnor faced opposition from his two brothers. Unable to keep Arnor united he founded in his share of Arnor the kingdom of Arthedain (the other kingdoms were Cardolan and Rhudaur).

In 1300 T.A. the kingdom of Angmar appeared at Arthedain's north-eastern border. Its King was the chief of the Ringwraiths. When this new threat came Cardolan placed itself under the suzeranity of Arthedain. Cardolan repeatedly sent aid to Arthedain when needed but by 1409 T.A. Cardolan and Rhudaur were conquered by Angmar

Arthedain kept up the resistance against Angmar for some 500 years but in 1974 T.A. Fornost fell into the hands af Angmar. It fell just one year to soon for help was underway from Gondor under the lead of Eärnur.

This army reached Arthedain in 1975 T.A. and destroyed Angmar at the Battle of Fornost[?].

Its last King, Arvedui[?] drowned just before the battle was fought. The kings of Arthedain were also the lords of The Shire and the Shire chose the Thain[?] to replace the kings.

The son of Arvedui, Aranarth[?] decided that he wouldn't rebuild the kingdom and so became the first Chieftain of the Dúnedain. From him Aragorn descended.

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