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In Buddhism, an Arahant (lit. worthy one, enlightened one) is a title for a Buddha and the highest level of noble disciple. This Enlightened person has rid his psyche of all desires and defilements; thereby attaining Nirvana and never destined for further rebirth.

He has abandoned all ten of the fetters that bind the mind to the cycle of rebirth and heart free of mental effluents. The Ten Fetters are: self-identification views, uncertainty, grasping at precepts and practices; sensual passion, resistance; passion for form , passion for formless phenomena, conceit, restlessness, and unawareness.

Arahant is the Pali form of the Sanskrit/Vedic word arahat, which holds a more general meaning as an honorific title.

See also: Buddha, Buddhism, List of Buddhist terms and concepts.

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