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Antichess, also called Suicide chess is a chess variant in which the objective is to lose all of your pieces or force your opponent to checkmate you.

The rules of the game are the same as those of chess except for the following additional rule:

If one can capture, one must do so, unless this would leave one's king in check.

A player wins the game either by losing all his/her pieces except the king or by forcing the opponent to checkmate his/her king. The game is drawn when one of the players is not in check but has no legal move (a stalemate). There are variants in which the king is not a special piece (thus, one wins by losing all pieces including the king) and a statemate results in a win for the player who has no move.

Because of the forced capture rule, antichess games often have a long sequence of forced captures by one player.

Other names for the game

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