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The Anguilliformes (true eels) are an order of bony fishes.


  • Actinopterygii (ray-finned fish)
    • Teleostei
      • Elopomorpha
        • Order Anguilliformes (true eels, gulpers)
          • Suborder Anguilloidei
            • Family Anguillidae (freshwater eels, important for food)
            • Family Heterenchelyidae
            • Family Moringuidae (worm eels)
            • Family Xenocongridae (false morays)
            • Family Muraenidae (morays)
            • Family Myrocongridae
          • Suborder Nemichthyoidei
            • Family Nemichthyidae (snipe eels)
            • Family Serrivomeridae (sawtooth snipe eels)
            • Family Cyemidae (bobtail snipe eels)
          • Suborder Congroidei
            • Family Congridae (congers)
            • Family Muraenesocidae (conger pikes)
            • Family Nettastomatidae (witch eels)
            • Family Nessorhamphidae (duckbilled eels)
            • Family Derichthyidae (neck eels)
            • Family Ophichthidae (snake eels)
            • Family Macrocephenchelyidae
          • Suborder Synaphobranchoidei
            • Family Synaphobranchidae
            • Family Simenchelyidae (parasitic eels)
            • Family Dysommidae

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