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In the late 1970s Anglia Television of the U.K. were running a weekly science series. As part of the overall interest in science they decided to include an investigation into what was known at that time as the brain drain. This was the exodus of prominent scientists from the U.K. to find better prospects in other countries. This programme quickly discovered that many scientists had simply disappeared under very strange circumstances. Many strange deaths were also presented including that of Professor Bannatyne of Jodrel Bank. The programme was created under the control of Chrisophere Lee and investigative reporter. David Ambrose. The programme was so explosive in content that it was billed as a travel documentary and only revealed the true content once it had started broadcasting. The thrust was that there were serious questions to answer by the world governments. According to the research presented it was hypothisized that the scientists were invoved in a highly secret government multinational cooperation in space and in fact that the space research at that time was a complete hoax with man having conquered space many years before. It was claimed that scientists had determined that life support for the human species upon Earth was beyond long term viability due to over population and pollution. It was proposed that there were three alternatives which included a nuclear device being expoded in the stratosphere to allow the pollution to excape. The third altenative, the so called Alternative 3, was to populate another planet and Mars was the choice. It was further claimed that Mars had abundant water locked up in its soil and that this water could be released. In more recent years this is now an accepted fact although at that time is was laughable. When the programme was aired, it cause a furore around the world and questions were asked in parliament. Governmental pressure was put upon Angia Television to issue a statement saying the programme was a hoax but the government, to this day, has never answered even one question nor have they investigated the documented disappearance of literally hundreds of scientists. It has been covered up it would appear. Later a book was released dispite considerable attempts to supress it. As consequence, it is extremely hard to find. The book itself was originally published under the authorship of Leslie Watkin, by Sphere Books Ltd, of Grays's Inn Road, London. To this day there are no answers to the many questions possed and all information is denied to the public on this bizarre incident.

Thomas R. Sommerville.

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