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Alexander IV of Macedon

Alexander IV of Macedon, was the posthumous son of Alexander the Great by his wife Roxana, a princess of Bactria. He was born in 323 BC, a few months after his father's death and was immediately declared King as co-ruler of his uncle Philip III of Macedon. Both Kings were incapable of making decisions since Philip was considered retarded and Alexander was just a infant. This resulted in the nomination of Regents ruling on their behalf and a number of his father's generals, now Satraps of major provinces, gaining enough power to act independently from the throne.

During his nominal reign between 323 BC and 309 BC, the four Regents acting in his name were:

On 309 BC Cassander had established his power over Macedonia, but, as Alexander came closer to adulthood, there were still people loyal to the Royal house looking forward to his becoming King in more than name. To avoid a possible threat to his own power Cassander ordered Alexander's murder. Alexander was 14 year old at the time of his murder. The Royalists still supported the claim of Alexander's half-brother Heracles to the throne against Cassander.

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