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Abkhaz alphabet

Abkhaz alphabet. Abkhaz alphabet uses Cyrillic script, extended to adjust to the extensive consonant system of Abkhaz language.

Abkhaz alphabet
Letter Transliteration IPA Value Letter Transliteration IPA Value
Аа a [a] Мм m [m]
Бб b [b] Нн n [n]
Вв v [v] Оо o [o]
Гг g [g] Ҩҩ [ɥ]
Гьгь g' [gj] Пп p [p,]
Ҕҕ [ɣ] Ҧҧ [p]
Ҕьҕь g̍' j] Рр r [r]
Дд d [d] Сс s [s]
Дəдə do [dw] Тт t [t,]
Џџ ǰ [dʐ] Тəтə to [tw,]
Џьџь ǰ' [ʥ] Ҭҭ [t]
Ее e [e] Ҭəҭə o [tw]
Ҽҽ [ʦ̢] Уу u [w, u]
Ҿҿ c̨̍ [ʦ̢,] Фф f [f]
Жж [ʐ] Хх x [x]
Жьжь ž' [ʑ] Хьхь x' [xj]
Жəжə o w] Ҳҳ [ћ]
Зз z [z] Ҳəҳə o w]
Ʒʒ ʒ [ʣ] Цц c [ʦ]
Ʒəʒə ʒo w] Цəцə co w]
Ии i [i, j] Ҵҵ ,]
Кк k [k,] Ҵəҵə o w,]
Кькь k' [kj,] Чч [tɕ]
Ққ [k] Ӌӌ č̢ [tɕ,]
Қьқь k̢' [kj] Шш [ʂ]
Ҟҟ [q,] Шьшь š' [ɕ]
Ҟьҟь k̄' [qj,] Шəшə o w]
Лл l [l] Ыы y [ə]

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