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AAA might be an Acronym for:
  1. American Automobile Association[?]
  2. Analog/Analog/Analog[?] (audio CD format, recording/mixing/mastering)
  3. Anti-Aircraft Artillery[?]
  4. Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm[?]
  5. Access All Areas[?] (Sony music project)
  6. Access Approval Authority[?]
  7. Accumulated Adjustments Account[?] (US Federal Income Tax)
  8. Aces of ANSI Art[?]
  9. Acquisition Approval Authority[?]
  10. Action Awareness Alert[?]
  11. Adaptive Array Antenna[?]
  12. Adjust for ASCII Addition[?] (X86)
  13. Administration, Authorization, and Authentication[?] (Software Security)
  14. Advanced Acoustic Array[?]
  15. AEGIS Acquisition Agent[?]
  16. Aerospace Engineering, Applied Mechanics, and Aviation[?]
  17. Against All Authority[?] (punk band)
  18. Age Anaesthesia Association[?]
  19. Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933
  20. Agricultural Adjustment Administration[?]
  21. Air Avenue of Approach[?]
  22. Airborne Array Aperture[?]
  23. Airborne Assault Area[?]
  24. Aircraft Alert Area[?]
  25. Airport Airspace Analysis[?]
  26. Alaska Activities Adventures Plus Tours[?]
  27. Album Adult Alternative[?] (radio format)
  28. Allocations, Assessments, and Analysis[?]
  29. Alternate Assembly Area[?]
  30. Amateur Athletics Association[?]
  31. American Academy of Actuaries[?]
  32. American Academy of Addictionology[?]
  33. American Academy of Advertising[?]
  34. American Academy of Audiology[?]
  35. American Accounting Association[?]
  36. American Allergy Association[?]
  37. American Ambulance Association[?]
  38. American Anthropological Association
  39. American Arbitration Association
  40. American Armwrestling Association[?]
  41. American Association of Anatomists[?]
  42. American Audit Associates[?]
  43. Anesthesia Administration Assembly[?]
  44. Angle Angle Angle[?] (geometric proof)
  45. ANSI Artists of America[?]
  46. Anti-Acronym Abuse[?]
  47. Antiaircraft Antiarmor[?] (Weapon)
  48. Anticipative Adaptive Array[?] (frequency-hopping communications)
  49. Antique Airplane Association[?]
  50. Antique Automobile Association[?]
  51. Anygame Anytime Anyplace[?] (gaming clan)
  52. AOES (Advanced Orbital Ephemeris System) Accuracy Assessment[?]
  53. Appraisers Association of America[?]
  54. Area Agency on Aging[?]
  55. Arkansas Ambulance Association[?]
  56. Army Audit Agency[?]
  57. Aromatic Amino Acid[?]
  58. Asociacion Anticomunista Argentina[?]
  59. Assign Alternate Area[?]
  60. Association of Avatar Artists[?]
  61. Astronaut-Actuated Abort[?]
  62. Athiest and Agnostic Association[?]
  63. Attitude, Awareness and Accountability[?] (ski safety program)
  64. Australian Association of Accountants[?]
  65. Australian Automobile Association[?]
  66. Authentication, Authorization and Accounting[?] (Cisco)
  67. Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting[?]
  68. Authorization Accounting Activity[?]
  69. Authorized Accounting Activity[?]
  70. Automated Airlift Analysis[?]
  71. Autoridad de Acueductos y Alcantarillados[?] (Aqueduct and Sewer Authority, Puerto Rico)
  72. Awaiting Aircraft Availability[?]

AAA is also a standard size dry cell battery.

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