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99 Names of God

In the Hadith, the reported words of the Prophet Muhammad, it is said that he who memorizes the 99 Names of God would get into paradise.

Arabic English

  1. Allah
  2. al-Rahman (The Compassionate)
  3. al-Rahim (The Merciful)
  4. al-Malik (The King, The Sovereign)
  5. al-Quddus (The Holy)
  6. al-Salam (The Author of Safety)
  7. al- Mu'min (The Giver of Peace)
  8. al-Muhaimin (The Protector)
  9. al-'Aziz (The Strong)
  10. al-Jabbar (The Compeller)
  11. al-Mutakabbir (The Majestic)
  12. al-Khaliq (The Creator)
  13. al-Bari (The Maker)
  14. al-Musawwir (The Fashioner)
  15. al-Ghaffar (The Great Forgiver)
  16. al-Qahhar (The Dominant)
  17. al-Wahhab (The Bestower)
  18. al-Razzaq (The Sustainer)
  19. al-Fattah (The Opener, The Reliever, The Judge)
  20. al-'Alim (The All-Knowing)
  21. al-Qabid (The Retainer, The Withholder)
  22. al-Basit (The Enlarger)
  23. al-Khafid (The Pleaser)
  24. al-Rafi (The Elevator)
  25. al-Mu'izz (The Honorer)
  26. al-Mudhill (The Humiliator)
  27. al-Sami (The All-Hearing, The Hearer)
  28. al-Basir (The All-Seeing)
  29. al-Hakam (The Judge)
  30. al-'Adl (The Just)
  31. al-Latif (The Subtle)
  32. al-Khabir (The Gracious, The Aware)
  33. al-Halim (The Clement, The Forebearing)
  34. al-'Azim (The Mighty)
  35. al-Ghafur (The Forgiving)
  36. al-Shakur (The Grateful, The Appreciative)
  37. al-'Aliyy (The High, The Sublime)
  38. al-Kabir (The Great)
  39. al-Hafiz (The Preserver)
  40. al-Muqit (The Protector, The Guardian, The Feeder, The Sustainer)
  41. al-Hasib (The Reckoner)
  42. al-Jalil (The Beneficent)
  43. al-Karim (The Bountiful, The Gracious)
  44. al-Raqib (The Watcher, The Watchful)
  45. al-Mujib (The Responsive, The Hearkener)
  46. al-Wasi (The Vast, The All-Embracing)
  47. al-Hakim al-Mutlaq (The Judge of Judges)
  48. al-Wadud (The Loving)
  49. al-Majid (The Glorious)
  50. al-Ba'ith (The Raiser [from death], The True)
  51. al-Shahid (The Witness)
  52. al-Haqq (The Truth, The True)
  53. al-Wakil (The Trustee)
  54. al-Qawiyy (The Strong)
  55. al-Matin (The Firm)
  56. al-Waliyy (The Protecting Friend)
  57. al-Hamid (The Praiseworthy)
  58. al-Muhsi (The Counter)
  59. al-Mubdi (The Originator)
  60. al-Mu'id (The Reproducer)
  61. al-Muhyi (The Restorer, The Giver of Life)
  62. al-Mumit (The Destroyer)
  63. al-Hayy (The Alive)
  64. al-Qayyum (The Self-Subsisting)
  65. al-Wajid (The Perceiver)
  66. al-Wahid (The One)
  67. al-Samad (The Independent)
  68. al-Qadir (The Capable)
  69. al-Muqtadir (The Dominant)
  70. al-Muqaddim (The Promoter)
  71. al-Mu'akhkhir (The Retarder)
  72. al-Awwal (The First)
  73. al-Akhir (The Last)
  74. al-Zahir (The Manifest)
  75. al-Batin (The Hidden)
  76. al-Wali (The Governor)
  77. al-Muta'ali (The High Exalted)
  78. al-Barr (The Righteous)
  79. al-Tawwab (The Relenting)
  80. al-'Afuww (The Forgiver)
  81. al-Muntaqim (The Avenger)
  82. al-Ra'uf (The Compassionate);
  83. Malik al-Mulk (The Owner of Sovereignty)
  84. Dhu'l-Jalal wa'l-Ikram (The Lord of Majesty and Bounty)
  85. al-Muqsit (The Equitable)
  86. al-Jami (The Gatherer, The Collector)
  87. al-Ghani (The Self-Sufficient)
  88. al-Mughni (The Enricher)
  89. al-Mu'ti (The Bestower, The Giver)
  90. al-Mani (The Withholder)
  91. al-Nafi (The Propitious)
  92. al-Darr (The Distresser)
  93. al-Nur (The Light)
  94. al-Hadi (The Guide)
  95. al-Azuli (The Eternal)
  96. al-Baqi (The Everlasting)
  97. al-Warith (The Heir)
  98. al-Rashid (The Guide to the Right Path)
  99. al-Sabur (The Patient)

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