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( ) is the 2002 album-release from Icelandic music band Sigur Rós, featuring 8 unnamed songs. This 3rd album of the band is divided into two parts: the first 4 songs are more "light and optimistic", while the last 4 songs are "bleaker and more melancholic". The two halves are divided with a 30 second silence. The album is in a created language the band calls "Hopelandic."

Track listing

  1. untitled (06:38) (Vaka)
  2. untitled (07:33) (Fyrsta)
  3. untitled (06:33) (Samskeyti)
  4. untitled (06:56) (Njosnavelin - The Nothing Song)
  5. untitled (09:57) (Alafoss)
  6. untitled (08:48) (E-bow)
  7. untitled (13:00) (The Death Song)
  8. untitled (11:45) (The Pop Song)

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